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The Can Museum is an international collaboration of beverage cans for the enjoyment of everyone around the world. This is a place that was created by can collectors for all can collectors and anyone with a general interest in beverage cans or can collecting. This is a free community site which means that it is open to everyone to contribute their cans to the Can Museum.

Please note that due to the success and popularity of we are in the process of upgrading our web server. We are doing this as quickly as possible and we thank you for your patience during this process. You will still be able to search the Can Museum during the upgrade but you will not be able to register as a new member, change your profile information, add or update cans to Can Museum or your collection.

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Need a definition of a can-related term? Check out the Cancyclopedia. The Cancyclopedia is a work in progress where you can look up words and terms used in the can collecting community.

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Allcans ( Netherlands) and xxxxxCanManxxxxx ( United States), Can Museum Founders

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